Chance To Shine For Elliott


What a bad time for Pascal Leclaire to not only go down, but to a very freak accident. Leclaire was starting to heat up and really captured the imagination of Sens fans before an awkward bend against the Buffalo Sabres and the erratice puck agains the Washington Capitals mean time out. Yet, I don’t believe Snoopy will be out for that long. He’s got the determination of a fox, so he won’t want to stay out for long. December is packed with games, 17 to be exact and we needed the best from our team to be able to compete post-December. Elliott will likely play most games over in the West. I’m calling December 19th, a Saturday home game against the Minnesota Wild for the return of Pascal Leclaire.

What doesn’t worry me is Brian Elliott. This guy will ge the load and he will do good. If Dec.19th were in fact the date of return, Elliott would likely have to play at least 9 games. That means call-up and minor-leaguer Mike Brodeur would likely have to play at least 3 games. This is what scares me, can he do it? This is likely what he dreams for, and even though I don’t follow the Binghamton Senators in depth, some of my friends have said Mikey has been average so far. It will be seen if he can do anything in the NHL, with any hope of signing with a team on stake.

One thing though, the Sens have two cahcnes to put Mike Brodeur against the New Jersey Devils. How about that? Mike vs. Martin. I wonder who would win?