Hockeynomics in Action


There are many rumblings out there as of now that the trigger is close to being pulled on a trade that would at least see Cam Barker in an Ottawa Senators jersey. As I said a couple of days ago, this all did make sense. Ottawa has the cap flexibility to make a move and Chicago desperately needs cap leaverage. The reported deal would be Alexandre Picard and Ryan Shannon for Barker, which would make sense. Picard’s 800 K and Shannon’s 700 K make $1.5 mil which is half of Barker’s salary. Otawa has 1.8 mil in cap room so there you have it.

However, Bob McKenzie and Pierre LeBrun are saying Chicago and Toronto are talking a deal that would instead send Brent Sopel to Toronto for Wayne Primeau and a 2nd round pick in 2010. We don’t know if this is stalling anything between the Hawks and Sens, but Stan Bowman has a decision to make. No doubt the better fundamental is Cam Barker, but should he give up a bigger salary so he can at least fit in some of the money being thrown at the famous trio of Kane/Toews/Keith?

Thank god I’m not Stanny boy.