Gearing Up For Some Hockey ABC


The next 4 games for Ottawa will be important. So far, Les Senateurs have lost to the New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Tampa Bay Lightning, Atlanta Thrashers in regulation and have grabbed a point from the Nashville Predators and Boston Bruins. Let’s see how the opponents have fared up so far…

New York- 4th East (5-2 loss)
Pittsburgh- 1st East (4-1 loss)
Nashville- 12th West (6-5 OT loss)
Boston- 11th East (4-3 OT loss)
Tampa Bay- 8th East (5-2 loss)
Atlanta- 12th East (3-1 loss)

That’s pretty good for much of what has been the Sens off-season. The next 4 games will feature the Devils, Oilers, Flyers, and Rangers next up. I believe Cory Clouston has to get this team energized and to believe in itself. If they can win at least 2 of those 4, I won’t be mad, If they win 3 or even all of them, that would be magnificent. If they win less than 2, then we need to re-think about our team this year.

Moving on, the last 2 games have seen Mike Fisher and Alexei Kovalev excell with each other. Those two are developing some real nice chemistry. Even though those two have been priceless with El Capitano, I want to see them with top pivot Jason Spezza. Those three were on fire last night and if they can get their groove on going early, then Clouston would likely keep them for some time. The second line would feature Milky on LW and Alfie on RW with either Peter Regin or Nick Foligno on centre. If you missed it last night, Regin made a sweet, sweet pass to Milan Michalek late in the 1st that was stopped by Antero Nittymaki. If those two continue it, this second line could be very speedy. Then, we would see Cheechoo-Foligno-Neil or Cheechoo-Regin-Neil on the the third line, while Ruutu-Kelly-Donovan/Shannon occupy the 4th line. We will se though how Clouston will mix up his lines.

Just got my tickets for Tuesday’s game against the Oilers! Hoo-rah!