Let them Eat Cake!


Last night was a test for this team, and even though they didn’t succeed, I like the attitude of the 09 Sens. They seem hungry, passionate, and are starting to build that swagger that served them well for many years. I’n not going to say that we lost because of lucky goals, because of those “lucky” goals were hard-fought ones. However, we need not worry about last night.

That first line of Milk-Peppers-Cheech looked good. Real good. Spez was dishing out sweet passes to both players and they really hit it on. Both are finishers. Alfie-Fish-Kovy had it’s moments but Clouston has to work with them. I’m not going to comment on the third line because I saw them no where last night, and let’s hope they step up with a better effort. Same thing goes for Chris Kelly.

Peter Regin will be back on Thursday meaning Shean Donovan will be likely out of the equation. Filip Kuba’s status is still unknown but I’d bet he should be well rested for Thursday. Jese Winchester is also a guy close to being ready but he may get full-time minutes down in Binghamton.

Zat is all.