Trucelence My Ass


So the whole media (I’m looking at you Damien Cox) was in love with the Leafs in the pre-season. New goalie, new superstar, new defensemen, and a new attitude. Their were supposedly truculent. Yeah sure they ALMOST beat the Habs. But then, their defense let the Caps score 6 and tonight they lost to the Sens. Ottawa beat them in all statistical areas, even in hits. I didn’t hear a peep from Colton Orr yesterday. Chris Neil wanted to fight Jay Rosehill but Rosehill backed off like a pussy. The fact is, the Leafs still suck and still will have problems when Kessel arrives.

On the Sens side of things, Shean Donovan played awesome. He should definetely stay here and his play means bye-bye to Jesse Winchester (Bingo Time). His veteran skills are amazing and he has some great chemistry with Chris Kelly. That first line is starting to gel together and I think Michalek is giving some speedskating lessons to Spez and Alfie. Kovalev looked solid with Nick Foligno, and Peter Regin played awesome. Phillchenkov really stepped up tonight, eating up minutes and hitting all night. Karlsson looked better in his second game and started to work harder. We will see if his game improves. Pascal Leclaire made some key saves, especially in the 2nd. I really love his quickness and confidence, and I can’t wait until the Sens become one unit, together.

The only guy that I didn’t like yesterday was Chris Campoli. He looked out of place and it was his fault for the goal Stajan scored. Maybe he’s frazzled, maybe he’s rusty, but he needs to step up now if he wants to keep his job.

On to the face of the Islanders!