Response to the Critics


When I first started this blog, I always tried to give you the best and accurate rumors. I never like derogatory comments and I had mentioned before most of them came from Anonymous users. However, a few days ago, I lifted the ban and allowed anyone to comment. However, like very blog it seems these days, the results weren’t very welcoming.

I do have to say this. If you have a problem with me and/or my blog, contact me at my e-mail. I will be more than happy to have a response to your criticism. However, do not barge in and say something you can’t back up and/org do not have the guts to stand up and prove your criticisms. Don’t be a pussy and be a man, don’t just leave some dumb comments and walk away like a jackass. Do it the right way if you have to. Or, just don’t read this blog anymore if you disagree with it. It makes everyone’s lives easier. I have seen too many “Anonymous Comments” that discredit the writer in my time as reader of blogs. Once again, I’d like to allow anyone to write, but if this nonsense continues, then I’m afraid I’ll have to ban anonymous comments once again.