Colorado, Los Angeles, San Jose: The frontrunners for Dany Heatley


Today was a busy day as the fallout from yesterday’s breaking news started to soothe in. I’ve been told by multiple sources that Bryan Murray is already starting to talk to other teams for the servcies of Dany Heatley. Heatley has requested that he be traded to a team in the Western Conference, though I think teams like Pittsburgh and Boston may be in the market for a big, scoring winger. However, the main frontrunners are all from the West, and really aren’t all that surprising.

As mentioned a couple of posts ago, the Avalanche had interest in Heatley before he requested a trade and still have interest. The return package seems the same, with Murray possible trying to convince them to take Alex Auld. If both of them are put into a package and sent to Colorado, I hear Wojtek Wolski as the main component coming back, along with the 3rd overall pick in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft and a low-level prospect. I think this is the best possible trade for Murray and the Sens, getting a top-6 forward in Wolski, a pick that will most likely used to get Matt Duchene, the most complete forward of the Draft. The prsopect is also a nice addition for Binghamton and Elmira.

Another team on the trails for the Heater are the Los Angeles Kings. The Kings first showed interest for Jason Spezza this season and rumors continued a couple of weeks ago, but it looks like they’re after another Sen. In return I would expect Alex Frolov, Jack Johnson, and a 2nd round pick. Frolov is another great top-6 forward, Jack Johnson provides defensive and offensive depth, while the pick gets them a solid prospect. While I think this would be agreat trade for Ottawa, Los Angeles would get shafted on this one. Frolov was 5 goals removed from a 39-goal season, which Heatley had. Jack Johnson is a promising blue chip prospect who hasn’t been given a chance by the Kings to play his game. However, as the same with Colorado, Heatley would like to go to a Stanley Cup contender and Los Angeles doesn’t appear to be one for now.

And finally, we go up North and visit the perennial Stanley Cup contenders in the San Jose Sharks. The Sharks need a big change in their team. Everyone iso n the bloc kexcept Dan Boyle and Joe Thornton. Heatley would be the goal scoring winger Thornton needs on his line. I’m sure in return Patrick Marleau would be part of the package and prospect Mike Moore. I tihnk Heatley would love to go to San Jose because they are Cup Contenders and he with Thornton would be just sick. I really think San Jose is trying to get Heatley however you know Murray, he’ll try to get the most he can before Heatley’s stock drops dramatically. Good ol’ times, eh?