My Stanley Cup Pick


So the Stanley Cup Finals are here and it’s Penguins-Wings all over again. These two teams have a nice rivalry going on right now and this could be on of the best Finals ever. I went 1-1 in the Conference Finals getting the Pens right but the Hawks wrong. So far I’ve gone 8-6 in the playoffs which isn’t bad, but here’s the grandaddy of ’em all, the ifnal pick! Here we go…

(2) Detroit Red Wings vs. (4) Pittsburgh Penguins
The Red Wings have actually gone out of the Western Conference virtually unmarked. They got banged up a little in the Hawks series but with the exception of the Ducks series they haven’t gone past 5 games which is a good thing heading in. Ditto for the Penguins, who physically dominated the Flyers and Hurricanes in their series’ against them. Both teams have primary scorers and secondary scorers. In the Penguins’ clinching Game 4, all goals were scored by the 3rd and 4th lines, lines the Pens can depend on. However, the Wings have the avantage up front because all playoffs long their leading scorers are Jiri Hudler, Valterri Filpulla, and Johan Franzen, and guess what, they still have Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg, and Marian Hossa. Talk about scoring depth, Detroit has it. Both Pittsburgh and Detroit have dependable defenses, however Pittsburhg lacks the big pairing that Detroit has with Nicklas Lidstro mand Brian Rafalski. 2-0 Detroit. On goaltending, Marc Andre Fleury would lvoe to win the Cup to prove hsi ifnal critics wrong, while Chris Osgood has been proving his critics wrong all his career. But because of his bigger stature, great reflexes, and younger attitude, Fleruy will eventually outduel Osgood. 2-1 Deroit. Then special teams, where Detoit barely edges the Pens on the PP, but the Pens ahve showed they’re on of the best in the biz on the PK, so it’sn ow tied a 2-2. But experience is very important and it proved to be crucial in the Wings’ win over Chicago and Columbus. This may be a bit safe but we’ll have a repeat in Cup Champions. Marian Hossa will be the difference because of his hinger, just ask Kevin Garnett back in 08.
Red Wings in 7 Games
Series MVP: Marian Hossa
Conne Smythe Winner: Nicklas Lidstrom