Draft Quirks and Quarks


The Combine started today with a slew of promising soon to be supertsras coming in to see where they might be drafted at and who will get them. The Sens were prominent at the Combine, I’ve been told they interviewed 3-4 players today and will continue to interview more as the Draft nears.

The last couple of weeks have been slow on Sens’ front but with the Draft coming. In all due respect to other prospects, it very well may be Zack Kassian the Sens take. The Sens need a power forward and Kassian is just that. The Bruins took a gamble a few years ago with Milan Lucic and that played out perfectly. Kassian is the same type of player who can get into those dirty zones and give you the shift of his life evry shift. Jordan Schroeder impressed some with his fitness levels today and his speed while in Minnesota really wowed me over. He will take 2-3 years to develop into a more mature NHL player but he’s worth it. Think Zach Parise or Nikita Filatov when you tihnk Schroeder.

And then there’s Oliver Ekman Larsson, who is a very interesting quota. He’s seen his stock jump all over the place, and figures to be drafted anywhere from 7th to 12th. The Sens would like to compliment Erik Karlsson and even though Patrick Wiercioch comes to mind maybe another Swedish defenseman wouldn’t hurt. Murray hinted before seasons’ end he’s been checking out a Swedish defenseman but is the risk worth it?

There’s also the possibilty of moving up. I posted yesterday the interest in Colorado’s pick, and there is interest there. Believe me, Bryan Murray will do what he feels is rigth to move up in the Draft. Currently I see him targeting MSP who is hot commodity and I have a feeling the Kings may want to move back to get more quality draft picks.