NHL Mock Draft Version 2 (1-10)


Bored on a Thursday Night, I’ve decided to do a new version of the draft. Since the teams are now settled, we know their needs. I’ll be choosing on that category and the person they get I will put an NHL comparable. Here zeeeeeeeeet is!

Pick #1- New York Islanders select…John Tavares

In the near future, I stil think Victor Hedman will be a better all around player than Tavares but the point of the Draft is to fulfill your team’s needs and the Islanders need a scoring threat in their lineup. Johnny T has a quick but accurate shot which always leaves goaltenders look like floormats. He’s been working on his all-around play and the results showed at the World Juniors, where he was not only a presence on the ice, but he was a leader on the bench and in the locker room. There are two main problems against Tavares. First, he needs to improve his skating and secondly, he tends to slump near the end of the season, which the Isles don’t need. but when you put the positives and negatives together, the positives are too much to skip on him.

NHL Comparable…Joe Sakic

Pick #2- Tampa Bay Lightning select…Victor Hedman

The Lightning used 21 defenseman during this season. 21. Holy buzzers. That’s the sign of a team that needs a Top Pairing Defenseman, and quite easily Hedman fits that bill. Victor is a smooth, great puck moving skater who can transition from zone to zone at the speed of lightning. He’s aggresive on the forecheck and is a big force that can scare away much smaller opponents. Hedman is the simply the Swedish Chris Pronger and it always helps an ailing team to have such a big D-Man like Hedman. Look what Pronger did for St.Louis, Edmonton, and Anaheim. Hedman will equal that and maybe even top that. The only concern against him is his shying away from the physical play. However, just like Pronger in his twentys, he’ll learn quickly how to play the NHL-style of play.

NHL Comparable…Chris Pronger

Pick #3- Colorado Avalanche select…Matt Duchene

Duchene, who ironically was an Avs fan growing up, is the type of player the Avalanche need to rebuild the beleagured team. He’s smart, fast, aggressive, and possibly the best defensive forward in the Draft. Duchene has all the tools to become a better player than Tavres. He has great hands and a great release, while he gives a team more stabilization on their shore. Colorado will use Duchene any oppurtunity they get to help him become a bigger, meaner person.

NHL Comparable…Jason Spezza

Pick #4- Atlanta Thrashers select…Evander Kane

Kane is another centre with great hands, great speed, a great release, and a great leader. Kane barely made Team Canada but played well even though he was on the Fourth Line. Even though Todd White emerged as a top centre this year, drafting Kane will mean they will have addressed one of their issues, getting a top line future centre. He will need time to develop and get bigger and stronger but he is a shifty guy who is a future asset to any team who drafts him.

NHL Comparable…Stephen Weiss

Pick #5- Los Angeles Kings select…Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson

MPS are the initials of a future superstar. Svensson has the slick stuff. He can skate well, posses great hands, can get into the rough stuff, and posseses a neat shot. He can pick the corners and leave goalies baffled after he takes the ice. The Kings improved this season, but still need scoring help. The LA Kings have taken defenseman to help their future in their own zone, but a left winger who is the next Alfredsson wouldn’t hurt at all. Along with Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar, he will make up a big line for years to come in Hollywood.

NHL Comparable…Daniel Alfredsson

Pick #6- Phoenix *Hamilton* Coyotes select…Jared Cowen

Cowen didn’t play for much of the WHL season because of a knee injury, but when he isn’t injured, he’s a monster. He plays aggressive, has s strong shot from the point, is a solid penalty killer, and to throw in there a mean player. He’s a huge guy who will be an imposing force for the Coyotes for years to come. With the Coyotes needing future d-men, Cowen is the first step to restructuring the team. He’s a typical Western Conference player with big plans for his future team.

NHL Comparable…Sheldon Souray

Pick #7- Toronto Maple Leafs select…Brayden Schenn

Brian Burke, also known as big headed general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs, sees the Coyotes don’t take Schenn and instantly jumps on him like a cat on a mouse. Schenn has sweet, little hands which can move around you anytime you want. Bryaden also follows his brother, Luke in two categories. First, his physical play, and second, his ability to play big minutes. He’s been a penalty killer for his entire minor career which the Leafs need. Toronto continues their “rebuilding” with another Don Cherry type of guy. I can already see the headlines, “Cherry goes on rant about Malkin, says Schenn Brothers are better than him.”

NHL Comparable…Brian Rolston

Pick #8- Dallas Stars select…Ryan Ellis

The product from the Windsor Spitfires has always showed off his skills in every level he’s played hockey at. However, the 09 World Juniors was his coming out party. Ellis was arguably Canada’s best defenseman at the World Juniors. Ellis is one of the best offensive defnseman you’ll ever see. He has a strong shot from the point and good vision of the ice. He’s reliable in his own zone but will need to work on that bit, but if you step on the ice with him you’re guaranteed to rack up more points than usual. The Stars need an Power Play QB and with a bit more training Ellis is their guy. However, don’t be surprised if they trade their pick to move down in the draft.

NHL Comparable…Mike Green

Pick #9- Ottawa Senators select…Jordan Schroeder

Think Nikita Filatov last year in the draft, what hands he has and great scoring ability, subsitute that with Schroeder and you’ve got the replacement. Schroder, sicne the 08 Juniors, has been lighting up the WCHA with the Minnesota Gophers and has showed signs of huge improvement as he gets older. Schroeder is small, but quick and creative. He will do anything to drive the puck in the net and will sometimes even turn on his mean streak and play aggressive on defense and on the forecheck. The Sens need lots of things, but they need a forward with tons of skill and Schroeder is just that.

NHL Comparable…Zach Parise

Pick #10- Edmonton Oilers select…John Moore

There’s lots of people the Oilers can select with this draft pick. They don’t need any more forwards because they’re already stacked on that front, but last season’s meltdown shows that they need a heart and soul type of guy and penalty killer who can chip in on the offense as well. Insert John Moore, who has had a stellar year with the Chicago Steel, leading them in points, time on ice, blocked shots, and hits. Imagine Moore and Souray together on the ice, on the same pairing. Yikes, I wouldn’t want to be the opponent.

NHL Comparable…Scott Niedermayer