Once Again, Bryan Murray proves his "worthiness"


Tyler Bozak has signed with the Maple Leafs. I’m a bit surprised because I heard that the Colorado Avalanche were frontrunners all the way through but I guess Brian Burke stole him right under. Of course, our hapless General Manager Bryan Murray was in the Final 3 for Bozak but showed once again he isn’t capable of the being Ottawa’s GM and let’s hope he respectably re-signs in the off-season.

People have asked me if the Sens are interested in Hobey Baker hat-trick Finalist Matt Gilroy. Right now things are preliminary and Gilroy is at the stage of 25 teams being interested in him but I doubt the Sens will make any push for him because or depth on defense is too stocked.

YAY! Rumors! Well I’ve only heard Bryan Murray(if he is still GM at the time) will trade Alex Auld. Jason Smith is also on the trading block along with Alexandre Picard. It will be a busy off-season for the Sens and Sens fans.

Anyone else hate it when the Bruins announcer says “WOO” after he announces the Bruins’ goal. It sounds like he just inhaled some good weed and has to let it out. I just think it’s dumb. It’s not the worst thing though. The Anaheim Ducks’ goal horn sounds like a mutant fart.