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The Make or Break Game


Oh, the good ol’ days where we would make the playoffs and then get our asses kicked by the Spuds. Those days were better than these days.

I will proclaim tonight, this is the make or break game. This game is the half-way point of the road trip. So far, we have been terrible on this road trip. If we can’t win tonight against the Oilers, then I think it’s pretty much over. They have the Leafs, Devils, Sabres, and Bruins after tonight and I can only expect them to win only 1 or 2 of those games. After this, they will have to do a Washington Capitals 09, which is extremely hard to do when your players are being crapped on by Sens fans and we’re not even inspired like the Caps were.

I questioned Hartsburg’s decision to start Gerber on Sunday, after Auld made a 35-save performance in a losing effort. Gerber made 21 saves against Vancouver. And now he is starting tonight according to Sportsnet? This is the first time I have questioned Coach Harts, and it may be the last time, but why not play Auld, who is now rested and can actually save shots from the blueline.

I haven’t used the magic crystal ball in a long time, so I’ll use it tonight. I predict the Sens win a chippy one by a score of 4-2(Picard, Heatley, Heatley, Alfredsson; Gagner, Visnovsky) and it may be the lifting point of our season.

I’d like to also point out Don Cherry was wrong once again.

Thanks For Reading and Enjoy The Game!!!