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Jackets offering Manny Malhotra for Vermette


Spending most of last night watching back to back episodes of According To Jim, I got a call from someone who claimed that the Jackets are interested in acquiring Antoine Vermette. This is even more to the truth with Eric Smith’s post over at HockeyBuzz, the ever reliable source. You may be asking now, if they want Vermy, who would they give to us? Well right now it looks like it’s Manny Malhotra.

Malhotra has the same identical numbers this year, but has produced less the last few years. He did have a career-best 11 goals last season. But, even that won’t make me swallow this possible rumour.

I don’t like this trade. I think we can get better for Vermette or even include him in a multi-player deal. Nothing to Malhotra, because he is one good player, but I think Vermette is starting to find his rhythym, and it would be wise to keep him through the 8 game road streak. If then he doesn’t reply, then maybe, just maybe we can think more about trading him.

Thanks For Reading and I’ll Be Back Tomorrow With A Pre-Game Write-Up!!!