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The Sens have finally found an identity…


A boring, defensive, low-scoring team.

Craig Hartsburg has been on “the hot seat” according to dickhead analysts like Pierre McGuire. What has Hartsburg done to put himself on the hot seat? He and Alex Auld are the only people who should not be on the hot seat. He tried to establish a work ethic into this team and developing the skill the club had left. It’s the players who are being paid millions of bucks and can’t produce anything(I’m talking to you Jason Spezza).

However, that Steve Yzerman rumour is looking like more and more each day to becoming reality. Bryan Murray has done a great job in drafting. But with current players, I think he’s really degraded this team, with bizzaro contracts last year such as Antoine Vermette and Luke Richardson.

Going to rumours…well, back to the GM thing, I’ve also heard Jim Rutherford would be interested in coming. He is a home-province boy(raised in Beeton, Ontario) and would like to rebuild a new franchise. I think Yzerman or Rutherford would be great.

I think I heard on the Team 1200 that some Oilers scouts were at the game, and right now, that’s not really surprising. Since Jacques Martin wants too much for Jay-Bo, the Sens are looking at other options, ando ne of them is the Oilers’ Tom Gilbert. Gilbert had 13 goals and 20 assists last year for 33 points, not far from Bouwmeester’s 37. Gilbert so far has 2 goals and 13 assists on a weak Edmonton powerplay. Here is one trade that would be likely according to some sources.

Brendan Bell, Antoine Vermette, and a 3rd round pick in the 2009 NHL Draft to the Oilers for Tom Gilbert and Dustin Penner.

So Sens fans, what do you think?

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