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Bryan Murray on short leash?


I’ve talked to some people over the past week that owner Eugene Melnyk will have to make a decision in the next month to force drastic changes in this club if they don’t improve. He wants to see his club win a Cup in his tenure as Owner. With the way this club is going, we’re far way from winning the Cup. And they’re could be a shocker coming.

If you ask me, Bryan Murray shouldn’t be fired. A lot of people have called for his head, and the Sens Management may bow to pressure. But here’s the biggie. If, and if Murray gets fired, Melnyk will ask his good friend Steve Yzerman to run the club as General Manager.

How amazing is that? Yzerman, one of the best players to ever play, and GM of the upcoming Winter Olympics for Team Canada, as our GM? That coudl quite as well resonate with every Sens fan.

It may be a bit blown off, but as one person I talked to said “Melnyk is giving up yet”.

So, Sens fans, what do you guys think?

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