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Zesty Love and Auld Times as the Sens face Panthers


So the Sens play Bouwmeester’s Panthers. Auld gets the start and all the lines will be the same. The Sens will wear their magical black jerseys once again. Also, this will start a hefty week for the Sens, playing today, Wednesday against Chicago, Friday against Washington, and Saturday against Tampa Bay.

Coincidence that they’re playing Bouwmy? No, but it should be interesting. I’ve talked to some people who are sure that this will be a multi-player deal if it happens. Murray also wants secondary scoring and if he’s gonna trade Vermette in the deal, he wants a second line scorer in return along with JayBo.

So, my magic crystal ball says 4-1 Sens win(Spezza, Winchester, Neil, Heatley;Bouwmeester for Florida).

Thanks For Reading and Enjoy the Game!!!