So All-Star Voting is off..."/>
So All-Star Voting is off..."/>

Sens All-Star Voting so far


So All-Star Voting is off to a quick start, and whether it’s from the rumoured robot from Montreal to the Rory Fitzpatrick this year, it’s been awesome. Here now, I display some statistics for all Sens players. We might find some surprises. I am basing this on today’s lineup against the Rangers.

First Line

Dany Heatley-20,217 votes

Daniel Alfredsson-18,386 votes

Jason Spezza-9,748 votes

So this was easily our top vote-getter. Heatley leads the pack but he along with El Captino have a long way to enter the Top 3. Jason Speeza is a tad bit disappointing for me, must be the hate mail he’s getting these days.

Second Line

Antoine Vermette-81 votes

Jesse Winchester-15 votes

Chris Kelly-13 votes

No real surprises here, and now I am reminded the rest of the league know nothing about our Vermette dilemna here in Bytown.

Third Line

Jarkko Ruutu-177 votes

Shean Donovan-19 votes

Dean McAmmond-8 votes

I was pretty sure Ruutu would make some strides in the balotting, because, every fan just loves him. Shean Donovan is getting more than I expected, while Dean McAmmond is doing just what I thought he would. Too bad, cause they deserve to go for their hard work in the NHL all these years.

Fourth Line

Ilya Zubov-33 votes

Nick Foligno-19 votes

Cody Bass-0 votes

Now this is where the hilarity starts. Zubov, who has played only 3 games in his NHL career, has more votes than Foligno, Winchester, McAmmond, Donovan, and Kelly in forwards. Can we be seeing a Senator Rory Fitzpatrick this year? Foligno, I thought would lead this group with 30-50 votes but was I wrong. And Cody Bass, well, I feel bad for him.

First Defensive Pairing

Chris Phillips-9959 votes

Anton Volchenkov-363 votes

A little surprising here, Phillips hasn’t been so good this year, but he’s getting more votes ’cause he’s on the ballot, unlike Volchie.

Second Defensive Pairing

Filip Kuba(Sens Buzz Write-In Campaign)-2173 votes

Alexandre Picard-64 votes

So our campaign is working fine, but still loyal readers, go vote vote vote! Picard I think has the right votes, but with the way he’s playing, the number could increase big time.

Third Defensive Pairing

Jason Smith-83 votes

Brendan Bell-7 votes

Wow, Smith is getting some big votes, while Bell has got 7 votes under his belt in only 2 games. Awesome!


Alexander Auld-807 votes

Martin Gerber-217 votes

It looks like the Sens Army campaign for Auld is going well. I do think he should get notice for the work he’s done this season. And Gerber….217 votes WTF? Who’s voting for Gerbs? Tell me right now. I need to know.

Injuries, Scratches, Extra for Tonight’s Game

Mike Fisher-225 votes

Chris Neil-32 votes

Christoph Schubert-19 votes

Ryan Shannon-6 votes

Luke Richardson-4 votes

At the top there’s no big surprises, but then Ryan Shannon has 6 votes, despite only playing 2 periods this year, has more votes than Luke Richardson. But, hey, these things happen.

So, today I’m gonna vote again for the All-Star game and give Cody Bass his first vote(I hope). And than, I’ll watch the Sens kick Ranger ass.

Thanks For Reading!!!

Edit: And we can’t vote for Cody Bass. Shoot!