The slow start this season has prompted the alw..."/> The slow start this season has prompted the alw..."/>

John Muckler screwed us—-not Bryan Murray


The slow start this season has prompted the always crazy media and fans of the Ottawa Senators to call for Bryan Murray’s head, and well, everyone’s head. Remember 2006-07, the very slow start made Sens fans press the panic button too hard, and called for Bryan Murray to be fired(when he was coach) and Daniel Alfredsson, our savior, to be traded. It happened this year too, and last year when we were swept by the Pens. But, remember, Bryan Murray didn’t screw us over, the guy in the picture above did.

Mucks was known to be very shy of making that big trade, and built this team through free-agent signings. He signed Dominik Hasek, which almost worked. But he signed Martin Gerber and Joe Corov the year later, which proved to be costly.

The problem with Mucks was that he didn’t think of the future. Fans are complaining of goalie issues. Muckler drafted only one solid goaltender who hast stayed with the tema for quite some time. Muckler drafted European talent, and they could have been good, but players like Kaigorodov and Nikulin proved to be a pain in the a$$.

So, if it’s Christmas, and you’re a Sens fan, don’t blame Murray for the mess the team has gotten. Be thankful your team has made the playoffs 10 straight times. Imagine if you were a Blue Jackets or Leafs fan?!

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