Ottawa 67s Weekly Recap Oct. 27

Ottawa 67s (6-8-0)

The 67s only had one game this week as opposed to their usual three, and judging by the score of the game they played, they may want more single game weeks.


Ottawa 67s (8) at Peterborough Petes (1):

“That’s more like it!” said every 67s fan watching Thursday night’s game. A game where they embarrass their opponent is just what they needed after losing three in a row. Everything went well for the 67s in this game. The 67s had 6 players with a multi-point night, and Philippe Trudeau stood on his head, stopping 34 of 35 shots. The 67s only had 30 shots, but obviously made the most of their scoring chances. This game was a perfect example of how inconsistent the 67s are. They play a game where they play like a bunch of peewees Buffalo Sabres, then they play like they did against the Petes. The same goes for Trudeau. He’s lights out on some nights, and others he looks like he has no idea what he’s doing (I tried putting a Devan Dubnyk joke in there, but I couldn’t find an opening).

This Week’s 3 Stars:

1st Star: Joseph Blandisi. He’s the team’s top goal scorer, but he decided to be generous and have 3 assists in this week’s game. He still scored a goal though.

2nd Star: Travis Konecny. 2 goals and an assist in this week’s game. He’s continuing to make it feel weird for me to look up to someone a year younger than me.

3rd Star: Jacob Middleton. He had 2 assists in Thursday’s contest, and was sporting a very nice +4. Now, if he could just play like that a bit more often than once every 14 games, he’d be all set.

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