Ottawa 67s Weekly Preview Oct. 15

Ottawa 67s (5-5-0)

The now .500 67s, looking to be above .500 for the first time in over a year. These three games are the first three of a four game road trip.



Thursday @ Niagara Icedogs (3-4-2)

The struggling Icedogs have a lot in common with the 67s. The two teams met in the 2012 Eastern Conference final, and both teams lost three of their top four scorers, and their star goalies that summer. Dougie Hamilton, number three on the Icedogs’ top scoring list that year, was injured for over half of last season, so they were in even worse shape than they thought they would be. So, essentially they’re both rebuilding after after having some very strong teams. I’m looking forward to this one. Although maybe it’s just because I think the 67s can win.


Saturday @ Erie Otters (7-2-1)

The Otters are starting the season hot, winning seven of their first ten ga- wait what?! The Otters have won seven games already? Wow, Connor McDavid must really be- huh? He’s not their leading scorer? You’re kidding right? With all joking aside, the Otters are looking dangerous. Which hasn’t been said for a couple of years. This start may just be a fluke, but the fact that it might not be is pretty exciting for Otters fans.


Sunday @ Guelph Storm (6-3-0)

Their last meeting didn’t go too well for the 67s, so they’ll be looking for some revenge. While their offense only managed to score one goal that game, it was their defencemen that were the problem. Allowing five goals, almost all of them on weak plays is unacceptable. They’ll have to tighten up in their own zone if they want a chance to win. With decent defence in front of him, Trudeau can steal a win.

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