Dec 17, 2011; Winnipeg, MB, CANADA; Winnipeg Jets forward Chris Thorburn (22) takes a stick in the head from Anaheim Ducks defenseman Francois Beauchemin (23) during the second period at the MTS Center. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

SenShot's Prediction Pool Questions - Oct 6th NOTE: 5pm Deadline

Welcome to the SenShot prediction pool.  For the rules and regulations for participating in this pool, click HERE.  Its never to late to start playing, as it doesn’t take long to make up ground.

You can check the STANDINGS here.



There are 3 games on Sunday night in the NHL:




*please not the Phi/Car game is a 5pm EST puck drop so that is the deadline today.



1.   Will any of the games go to extra time tonight? (1 point for a correct answer)

2.    How many points will the Flames’ Sean Monahan record? (2 points for a correct answer)

3.   Name 3 players.  If any one of them gets in a fight, you get 3 points.  (3 points for a correct answer)

4.  Within 1, how many goals will be scored by the road teams? (4 points for being either 1 over or under actual total)

5.    Three teams are playing the 2nd half of back to back games on the road (VAN, PHI, ANH).  Which of the three will win? (5 points for getting all correct.)


Remember, comment below with your answers 1-5 and make sure you always use the same username to get credited with the proper points.

Good Luck!  Tell all your friends, compete against them and gain some bragging rights!

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  • Jared Crozier

    1. yes
    2. 2 points
    3. tom Sestito, Jay Rosehill, Chris Thorburn
    4. 7
    5. PHI

    • Jared Crozier

      5 points

  • Phil Lemay

    1- no
    2- one point
    3- jay rosehill, Chris Thorburn, Brian mcgrattan
    4- nine
    5- Vancouver, Anaheim

    • Jared Crozier

      11 points

  • Derek Lee

    1. Yes
    3. Thorburn, Mcgraton,Rosehill
    5. Canucks/ducks/Flyers

    • Jared Crozier

      5 points

  • Chris Habets

    1. Yes

    2. 1

    3. Tom Sestito, Bouma, Beleskey

    4. 8

    5. Canucks and Ducks,

    • Jared Crozier

      13 points, another possible perfect score but no fights last night

      • Jared Crozier

        did you just play as “Chris” earlier, or are you a new player?

        • Chris

          I normally play as “Chris” – apparently my phone and my computer have different Disquis logins. I’ll fix that on my phone. Please count “Chris Habets” towards “Chris”. Thanks!

          • Jared Crozier

            OK, just making sure!

  • Eldrinson Vado

    1. No

    2. 1.

    3. Tom Sestito, Jay Rosehill, Chris Thorburn

    4. 11
    5. Canucks and Philly.

    • Jared Crozier

      2 points

  • Shayne John Monaghan

    1. Yes
    2. 1
    3.rosehill, mcgratton . Thorburn
    5. Canucks win , ducks win

    • Jared Crozier

      12 points, could have been perfect but there were no fights. Maybe a bad question.

  • Zach Keall

    1. Yes
    2. 1 point
    3. O’Brien, Sestito, Rosehill
    4. 8 goals
    5. Philly & Vancouver

    • Jared Crozier

      7 points

  • That Sens Fan

    1. No
    2. none
    3. Rosehill, Thorburn, Sestito
    4. 11
    5. All three

    • Jared Crozier

      no points

  • Brianmichille Dablo Cabaltera-

    I guess I missed the deadline for this, I haven’t seen any of the game currently on, but it doesn’t matter. Posted for fun.

    Domi, Probert, Clarkson (oh, you mean in the games)
    7 Goals
    Ana, Van wins, Phi loss

    • Jared Crozier

      yeah, you were too late, would have had 9 points though!