Dec 31, 2011; Buffalo, NY, USA; Ottawa Senators right wing Daniel Alfredsson (11) stops skating with the puck against the Buffalo Sabres during the first period at the First Niagara Center. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Will Daniel Alfredsson's Jersey Eventually Be Retired?

It is a question that a month and a half ago would have seemed ridiculous to ask.  Alfredsson is the Senators first long-time home grown superstar and the player that has been the face of the franchise for more than a decade.


Even after he left on July 5th to sign with Detroit, it still seemed that once the initial shock and disappointment wore off, cooler heads would prevail and eventually bygones would be bygones. He would be welcome back to Ottawa with relatively open arms and all would be forgiven.

Then came the past week, with shots being fired from Senators owner Eugene Melnyk, that resulted in a volley of return fire from Alfredsson on Thursday, followed by more shots from GM Bryan Murray, Alfredsson’s agent JP Barry and more from Melnyk himself.

So, with the actions of the past week, how deep has the chasm between Alfredsson and the Sens really run? Has the war of words sealed the fate that not only will Alfredsson not be getting a post-career job with the Senators organization, but the Senators might not be willing to recognize the impact he had on the team and the city by raising his #11 to the rafters as the first player from the modern era to have such an honor.

I personally think that Melnyk is just the type of person to hold such a grudge for the perceived wrong by Alfredsson, and as long as he owns the club, I don’t know that it will happen.

Despite the way Alfie’s departure went down, it is an honor that he deserves and it would be a shame for it to be delayed longer than it should be.


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  • Drew Williamson

    At this point, after the disrespect and lies given to Alfie by management, them not retiring his number would not surprise me. Shocking behaviour by Melnyk!

  • Darryl

    I disagree with the tone surrounding the Alfie debacle. Clearly the fans and media have missed (or glossed over) that effectively Alfredsson demanded a hometown ‘upcount’ (or whatever the opposite of a hometown discount would be called). This is shocking and rare. He literally would not work for the Sens unless they paid him significantly more than any other team. Why? Because he perceived that he hadn’t been paid full value for the 2012 season, the 1 million dollar year. What the hell is that! That’s not how a captain, community leader and idol act. It’s insane. No-one is saying that he should play for less that market value this year. But to pack your bags and leave the city you’ve lived in for 18 years, uproot your kids from the only home they’ve ever known, blow your brother off who moved into the city to be a cop, turn your back on an organization that’s paid you almost $60 million over the course of your career, and made you captain for 13 years – all because you feel stilted because the organization won’t dramatically overpay you to make up for the one (one – and the only year he ever gave the team a hometown discount) year where you were underpaid. What kind of man is that?

    I’ll tell you what kind. Alfie’s an asshole.