How Many Russian Pee-Wees Can Fit In A Penalty Box?


If you haven’t seen this clip from you-tube, check out this set of “highlights” from a Russian youth game.


It brings some questions:

  • Do Russian minor hockey players not get kicked out of the game for fighting?
  • Where did they get videotapes of the Broad Street Bullies from the ’70′s
  • How many kids are on a Russian Hockey team?
  • Where do the Russians get the reputation for being soft?
  • Shouldn’t you be at least as tall as the crossbar to get in a hockey fight?

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  • Westrooz

    Who taught Russian dirt and meanness?
    1972. If you look at the series, it is possible will see the monstrous painting by modern standards.
    Cultural and intelegentnye Soviet hockey players and animal creatures Canadians.
    The attack on the goalkeeper, fights for no reason, targeted the injury inflicted Kharlamov Bobby Clark. Obscene gestures to the audience. Chewing gum. Arrogance.

    In the Soviet era up to 1985, most Soviet society was highly educated and intelegentnym. Not aggressive.

    They were shocked by the fact that Canadians get up.
    Famous phrase Soviet commentator:
    “This hockey, we do not need you!”
    speaks for itself.

    Children fight, as in this video, then could not happen at all in any way.
    In schools, for swearing or kids just trying to fight deducted.

    the Soviet hockey players took the challenge Canadians to the fight,
    then after that he would have been taken out of the first team.

    For what it is told?

    In KHL still working children’s coach from the Soviet mentality,
    therefore, Russia is not ready real tough guys.

    However, as the society in Russia has dulled and became very aggressive.
    The appearance of the fights and tough guys in the KHL will grow rapidly. After 5 years, these videos will be common.

    On the other hand, part of the hockey fans do not like the system of tough guys.

    They like the fights between regular hockey players and not tough guys.