Bring Back The Senators Part 1

Over the course of the next week or two I’ll be making posts featuring scans from various material from the “Bring Back The Senators” campaign. If you’re like me, you were too young (or not even born!) to remember anything about this campaign. This is your chance to have a blast to the past and see parts of how the campaign unfolded. Without further ado, here’s the first post featuring one of the pamphlets sent out to start the campaign. Click on any photo and you’ll get redirected to the full quality version that you can zoom in and read.

Cover Page: I won’t pretend to know that I’ve got a clue who either of the people on the cover are… could just be promotional models (with the one on the left rocking Bryan Murray’s hairstyle and the one on the right wearing one of the greatest helmets ever).

Page 1: How could this page not get you pumped up into wanting an NHL hockey team!?

Page 2: Coolest thing to come out of this page is that there was a whopping 40 cities competing with Ottawa to get an NHL team!

Front Page of Insert: Let’s use people’s pride of their city to get our team back! We can’t lose to fellow Canadian cities like Halifax,  Saskatoon,  Hamilton, or even Kitchener-Waterloo. Interestingly, Ottawa was smart enough to put Tampa was on the list (as they were the only other city to be granted a team).

Back Page of Insert: Well here’s your proof that the modern Ottawa Senators franchise is still willing to take credit for everything done by their predecessors, including their 9 Stanley Cup wins.

Pledge Form: According to Wikipedia over 11,000 people pledged $25 for season tickets!


That’s it for this post, stay tuned for more in the near future! Hope you enjoyed this early peak into our Ottawa Senators past.

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