Future 2nd line center?

And With The #6 Pick, The Ottawa Senators Select ......

SenShot editor Jared Crozier has been hosting a NHL Mock Draft over on the Too Many Men on the Site main NHL page. Every team with a first round pick will get a chance to to select prospects from this years crop. The selections were made by each NHL site on Fansided as the writers from each team debated who to pick. With the first five draft picks already made, SenShot was on the clock.

With the sixth overall pick in this year’s draft, we at SenShot select Niagara Ice Dogs’ center, Ryan Strome.

You can check out Jared’s breakdown of the selection and what our team needs are (note: Ottawa team needs are below the NYI pick).

There was a great debate among the team here at SenShot on who Ottawa should draft sixth overall. After seeing who was selected by the teams ahead of Ottawa, we narrowed it down to Strome and hulking defenceman Dougie Hamilton, who also plays for Niagara. These two were very close as we even put it to SenShot readers on who we should take.

In the end, we decided to go with Strome for a variety of reasons. Jared, Derrick and myself will give our take on the selection in the days to come and voice our reasons for and against Strome.

Stay tuned for more draft coverage right here on SenShot.


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  • Gramps

    Risky, Risky, Risky

    Must go with the best player in this spot. If this means a defenceman – so be it. Hamilton is a better choice here. Ranked higher in almost every late season scouting service ranking than Strome. Disturbed by reports of Strome’s one way attiude and inconsistent effort. Quality defencemen are always valuable. Look what Pitt did with Goligosky and St Louis with Johnson.

  • Gramps

    If the real draft plays out as this one I would predict that Murray will make every effort to move up. Must get one of the top forwards (RNH, Hub, Land, Court). After carefully listening to multiple scouts comment on this years talent pool – Strome is not seen to be in the same category. He is also consistently ranked lower than the Hamiliton and even Murphy.

    • http://senshot.com/ Tony Mendes

      I agree with your statement that Strome is a risky pick. In this year’s draft where there is no consensus of the ranking order, others may be ranked higher than Strome.

      When looking at who was picked before us, all the other top end forwards were taken and Strome was the best forward available at the 6th spot.

      And with our depth on defense, and our lack of true impact forwards, Strome is needed for our rebuilding plans. I haven’t heard anything about his attitude or effort but if you could send me a link about it, I could check it out.

      Who would you have picked?

      (Note: already picked was Larsson, Landeskog, RNH, Huberdeau and Couturier)

    • Jared Crozier

      Hey Gramps, I agree that Murray will try to trade up, and I also think that at least one of the other dmen will go in the top 5 which will make one of the top 4 forwards available to Ottawa. I think moving up is definitely the best move, as long as it doesn’t cost the Nashville pick to do so.

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  • Gramps

    Jared and Tony
    I jumped the gun about with the attitude comments. It was late at night and it was something lurking in the recesses of my fatigued brain. Notwithstanding this, I am not opposed to Strome’s pick but I do feel that while we need top end forwards (and Strome could be that guy) this cannot be a hit or miss pick (as much as you are able to do so drafting 18 yer olds). If a defenceman is the best player available when we pick then that should be the pick. Both Tim Murray and Pierre Dorion have stated this themselves in various interviews. The Murrays also have a rep for dealing at the draft and if this situation presents itself at the draft I could see them moving down a couple of picks to select Strome while getting value in return from a team that really wants Hamilton or Murphy.

  • Robert

    IF we run into the situation where the top 4 forwards are gone at the 6th pick then I think trading down is the best option. Someone like Joel Armia is pretty close to Strome plus we can use the additional 2nd rounder we would get in the trade.