SenShot Needs Your Help To Make Its Mock Draft Pick

As you may or may not be aware, our network of NHL blogs is currently involved in a mock draft that involves us picking on behalf of the Senators.  With the #6 pick, we the SenShot writers are torn between two players, both from the Niagara Ice Dogs.  Our options are C Ryan Strome and D Dougie Hamilton.

Strome is a playmaking centre in the Matt Duchene mold, while Hamilton is a 6’4″ defenseman who can skate and has offensive upside.  We need you to help us decide which way to go!  We won’t necessarily pick based on your votes, but it will help us make our decision.


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Thanks for your help, and check back Saturday for our selection!


Thanks for reading and as always, comments are welcomed.

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  • Scott

    I really hope the Sens don’t take either! We dont need a defenceman so Hamilton is out while Couturier and Huberdeau are both universally ranked higher than Strome. At least one should still be available with the sixth pick. Here’s hoping, anyway!

    • Jared Crozier

      Hey Scott, yes Huberdeau and Couturier would have been higher on our list, but you will see in the next couple of days if you are following along on the mock draft, that neither were available to the Senators the way is had progressed so far. Rightly or wrongly, most teams went for forwards ahead of us!

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