Daniel Alfredsson, Career Senator: Why It May Not Meant to Be

Don't Cry for Me, Argentina!

A couple years back, the media asked captain and long-time Ottawa Senators saviour Daniel Alfredsson if he would ever consider a trade out of the Nation’s Capital to win Lord Stanley’s Cup. Alfie replied with a smile, and moved on from there. He said he had “no intention” to, but it was “too early to be asking those kind of questions”.

Now at the tender age of 37, El Capitano likely has only 3-4 years left in him. The window for a Stanley Cup has seemed to close for some time in Bytown, although Bryan Murray’s planning and excellent drafting has paved the way for a bright future. I still can’t see Ottawa (or Canada for that matter) winning a Stanley Cup while Daniel Alfredsson plays, because of all the harm previous managerial people did to this organization. There’s no real blue-chip prospect in the system up front, although the team’s defense should become one of the best in the NHL.

The question now is, can Ottawa afford to trade Alfredsson? Will Daniel even accept to such thing, as Raymond Bourque did back in 2000. Alfie has said numerous times he wants to remain in Ottawa his whole career, but as we saw with Boruque and although it didn’t happen in the end, fellow Swede Mats Sundin, mind change. Trade value can be skyrocket high, but the emotions and response from the club and it’s fans would literally demise and demolish the Senators.

Do remember, the reason the Sens never left Ottawa is because of their captain, Daniel Alfredsson. He deferred salary back in 2003, in a time when the team was bankrupt and needed money to acquire some solid bodies at the Trade Deadline. After that last captain, Alexei Yashin jerked off and became Mike Milbury’s living nightmare, Alfie was the real only hope left. Ever early April, we all celebrate Daniel Alfredsson Day. But, if Alfie were to be traded, and later won the Cup as in the case of Ray Bourque, it’s something I will cherish, and hope all Sens fans can feel as well.

For now, though. Never ever think about the possibility of trading the lifetime hero. Career Senator, and future Hall of Famer.

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  • http://www.kuklaskorner.com/index.php/psh Puck Stops Here

    Your claim that Daniel Alfredsson is a future Hall of Famer is not an obvious one to me. I would be against inducting him if he retired right now – he will need future achievements to cement his case and as he is starting to slow down, it is possible they will never happen.

    • http://senshot.com Bobby Zijiac

      If Dino Ciccarelli and Bernie Nicholls (and eventually Eric Lindros) are all Hall of Famers, then why not Daniel Alfredsson? On a team that a couple years ago was almost moved to Seattle, Alfie saved them by deferring salary. And hey, in these modern NHL times, you don’t get guys who stay on one team their whole career. Alfredsson is one of a kind.


  • http://www.kuklaskorner.com/index.php/psh Puck Stops Here

    Nicholls and Ciccarelli have much better career totals than Alfredsson (and Nicholls is not in the Hall of Fame). Lindros won the Hart Trophy and is not in the Hall of Fame.

    It is interesting that of your three comparables, two are not in the hall and all three can easily be shown to have better claims than Alfredsson.

    • HockeyStatstician

      Ok, for the average hockey fan here that does not understand exactly how the Hall of Fame inducts players, let me explain. To people asking why players like Bernie and Adam Oates are not in the HOF but players like Rod Brind’Amour, Mats Sundin, and Daniel Alfredsson are, it is simple. The last 12 years has been the era of hockey with the LOWEST total points per game scored by players in the history of the NHL. It is the era of 6’9 players like Chara, bigger goaltender padding, new rules and regulations, and heavy defensive strategies not seen prior to the mid 90′s. Steve Yzerman never won during his big time scoring years, but won 3 times during his later years averaging far less PPG but because he transformed into a two way player and a better team player, Detroit won. Danny got Ottawa to 11 straight playoff appearences and twice were close to winning the cup. With so many great teams that never won cups in that era, Ottawa is considered to be the second best, behind only Philadelphia. What the HOF voters will look at is: how important was Daniel Alfredssson to his team, his city, and to the world of hockey. He won a gold medal of course with sweden, and did not even come to the NHL until he was a few months away from 23 years old, so his total games and points will be less than players who started younger. He was selected late in the draft and had to work hard to get into the NHL, another thing they will consider when they look at his career numbers. Oh did I mention before the awards, He of course won the Calder in 96, he lead the playoffs with goals with 14 and points with 22 in the 07 playoffs. If they had beaten Anahiem, he would have won the Conn Smythe award undoubtedly. He has been close to winning the Lady Byng a few times and was the runner up in 04, and as many players late in their career do, he may win it or the Bill Mastertn award before he retires. In 2007-08 he had 89 points in only 70 games, third in the League on PPG, at the age of 36, which is considered to be the age where the majority of players lose their game due to age. Ottawa’s starting like that year with Heatley and Spezza was the 2nd line in NHL history, the other being the OILERS Gretzkey-Kurri-Messier line, to be fully selected to an all star team.
      My closing arguement is this: Ottawa will host the 2012 All Star Game, and if he is leading his team in points like right now, even if they are struggling awfully, he will be in he game, and can retire with a career comparison to Mats Sundin, another player who kept a every year even in the era of low scoring, who never got a cup either. I would predict his total stats being around 420 700 1120 in 1150 games, and the only reason he is not well over a ppg in his career is because of who he was playing with the first few years of his career, the awful play of Ottawa as a whole this year (he is still their best player and as I said leading scorer) and injuries in his first 4 seasons. I have a vote for the NHL Hall of Fame, and mine is YES if he can end next year positively.

      • HockeyStatstician

        I wrote without checking that over, YES I know how to spell Gretzky and Masterton, lmao.

  • http://www.senshot.com Bobby Zijiac

    By the time Alfie calls it quits, he and Cicarelli will have the same number of points, or at least close. Lidnros will make the HOF just because of the hype he always gets. He won the Hart Trophy in the lockout shortned-season, where nobody was up to pace because of the long break.

    And do remember this, as what happened with Russian greats this past decade, Swedish players are breaking through in the NHL like never before. Alfredsson is in the top three of best Swede players of all times, and that’s why he’ll make it, but likely not on first ballot.