A Story About Bruce Garrioch and Ron McLean

This is what Bruce Garrioch does in his free time

It’s been quite noted that Bruce Garrioch, hockey columnist for the Ottawa Sun, is a closet Leafs fan and is doing everything possible to screw the Ottawa Senators. First, he runs Joe Corvo out of town after a couple of games where Corvo turned the puck over frequently. You may also remember Boo Boo Bruce saying that the Sens should trade Daniel Alfredsson in 2006 to free up cap space. The most notorious incident involving Garrioch was the “Malkin to the Kings” rumor, where he stated during the 2008 NHL Entry Draft in Ottawa, that the “Pittsburgh Penguins have traded Evgeni Malkin to the Los Angeles Kings for Anze Kopitar and the 2nd overall pick”.

Well, I guess all have us have figured out that a monkey in Zambia is mroe reliable regarding rumors than Bruce Garrioch. But this time, the fat man is going to a new level. He’s been calling out Jason Spezza, our only true centre, stating that he will never become an NHL superstar? Really Bruce, I think we realized that a couple of years ago. Spezza was never meant to be a superstar, just star. And that he is. You saw what a season he had without the services of Dany Heatley and without TWO! knee injuries and a fragile back. He was terrorizing goalies all night long. Just ask Ryan Miller, destiend to become this year’s Vezina Trophy, but never able to defeat Spezza. These kind of guys don’t grow on trees, and not only is Garrioch secretly screwing us up, but he’s making a living nightmare out of Jason Spezza, who in fact deserves the money he’s getting. The Spez Dispenser has mutiple digits in years left in his NHL career. When the time comes, and I seriously hope it doesn’t, when Spezza leaves the club either through free agency or trade, every Sens fan on the planet will be sorry they ever said a peep about him.

On the other side, we have CBC Hockey Night in Canada host Ron McLean, who today was reportedly saved a man from drowning in the Delaware River. Ronny Boy was taking a break off from his coverage of the Stanley Cup Final, and felt obliged to help this man out. Now that’s a guy I want to be around. McLean is a hero, having to stand next to Don Cherry for more than 30 minutes must be crazy. The guy is also probably the only analyst on HNIC who actually talks about the Senators with a straight face. I’m talking to you, my Crosby dick-sucking friend Glenn Healy. Get out of our television sets, for god’s sake!

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  • PDR

    You’re seriously blaming Garrioch for all this? I’m not Garrioch’s biggest fan, but give me a break! He has NOTHING to do with any of it! He didn’t get Corvo “run out of town” either. Corvo ran himself out by not being able to handle the pressure/attention of playing in a Canadian market.

    I think you need to take a couple steps back from the computer. If Spezza is traded, it will be because Murray thinks its best for his team. Right or wrong. Has nothing to do with any newspaper articles or reporters. That’s asinine.

  • http://healthy-scratch.blogspot.com David Mackintosh

    I think you give Boo Boo too much credit. History has shown that there’s no place in the news, sports news especially, for fair, reasoned, balanced discussion. It is all about shock value and scooping the opposition. The mere fact that you pay attention to him means that at some level his crazy antics are working. Me? I read about what he’s up to when you or other ‘bloggers write about him.

    Admit it, if Boo Boo had been right about the Kings, it wouldn’t have mattered that he’d pulled it out of his ass, he’d have looked fucking brilliant.

    I think the fundamental problem is that Ottawa sports fans in general are bandwagonists — they are there when the times are good, and absent when the times are not so good (see also the CFL and the Ottawa Lynx). The problem is that bandwagonists are also lazy fans, they look for the easy answer (Hey! That centerman keeps doing those no-look drop-giveaways!) and not the hard ones (Hey!… um.)

    This is why goalies get run out of town. Everyone blames the guy in the crease, but the five guys on the ice (and/or in the penalty box as the case may be) gets a free pass for some reason. I don’t think Gerber, Emery, or LeClaire were as bad as the guys in front of them made them look. (Yeah, LeClaire isn’t gone yet, but if Spezza goes or July 1 passes… well I think he’s next on the hit list, miracle in game 5 not withstanding.)

    For a bandwagonist, sports are supposed to be about fun. And for a professional sport that you pay money to go to, “fun” means “winning”, and since the home team is the one there most of the time, the home team is the one you want to win. And let’s face it, if you are a casual fan who’s shelling out $100 to $200 a pop for a night out (plus the required 45 minutes in the parking lot), you want some FUN for your money.

    Personally I have my doubts about this team. They were streaky, and only rarely showed the depth and discipline that are needed in the playoffs. There’s something fundamental missing, and I’m starting to doubt that something can be found while the current core of the team (Alfredsson, Spezza… um?) are still going to be productive. And given that, wouldn’t it be better to trade them now while they have value, in exchange for longer term assets that can be built up?

    I don’t want to say yes, but it’s Murray’s job to look at hard questions like this to see if there is an answer either way, no matter who in the media is banging whatever drum.

    The media’s job is the same as the politician’s, to figure out where their audience is going and to get out in front of them. And that’s all Boo Boo and his ilk are doing.

  • http://senshot.com Bobby Zijiac

    PDR: I agree Bruce Garrioch won’t be the main reason if Spezza does get traded, but he will be one of the reasons. How come in other teams you don’t see half-assed journalists coming up with stuff from their ass in the morning running out skilled players like Jason Spezza. Bryan Murray knows better than that.

  • anothersensfan

    Hi Bruce, you you leaf loving scum bag.

    If Spezza asked for a trade we will all know why.

    How long will you wait be fore you drop the “if” and start writing about “when” Spezza asked for a trade. We all know you a play fast and loose with the facts. Malkin to the kings… Right.

  • http://www.xdroop.com/404.html David Mackintosh

    Bobby Zijiac: The reason why we don’t hear about it is because the two markets we are likely to get spill-over from are Montreal and Toronto. In Toronto’s case the problem is clearly management (so clearly that even the media understands that), while in Montreal the most vicious of the media is French-speaking and most of us don’t speak it. The Montreal sports media is famous for running players out of town, skilled or not.

  • FarthestSen

    The Ottawa media is VERY much responsible for this crap. Bruce and Don are the hacks that whip up the frenzy against certain players – and there is ALWAYS one. Remember when we had to trade Alfie because he “wasn’t a leader”?

    End of.

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