UFA/RFA Update

While the Ottawa Senators are enjoying their great 2009-10 NHL season, they may be in economic trouble in the off-season regarding the thing called the salary cap. They have 3 UFA’s and 5 RFA’s due for free agency this coming off-season. With half othe regular season gone, you can bet that Bryan Murray is already talking to some key players on their status. Here’s my take on them.

Anton Volchenkov (UFA)- Without a doubt the most important player headed for free agency this summer. He is the team’s best defenseman and plays like a warrior. There should be no reason why Murray can’t re-sign this guy. If you you’re looking at money being thrown around, the range of $4-4.5 million a year is reasonable. Rememeber that last time these two inked a contract, Anton took a hometown discount, so that may play here. I think the two will likely agree to paper before April.

Ryan Shannon (UFA)- Shannon’s had an off-yeear. Although his speed and skill is big on this team, he’s scored 5 goals this season, which isn’t what I expected. I still think Ottawa should re-sign him, because he’s a guy that could potentially play a 6-pivot role. And guess what, we don’t have much of those. I’m going to say maybe $800,000 to $1 million a year.

Shean Donovan (UFA)- I’m torn on Donovan. Even though he’s a very valuable guy to the team in terms of hard work, grit, and leadership, I don’t think he and Cory Clouston meet eye to eye. If I were GM I would try to re-sign him but I think Murray will let him go or he will retire on bases that Zack Smith is already knocking on the door.

Nick Foligno (RFA)- Another important guy the team needs to re-sign. Even though Foligno has been streaky this season, he’s an asset to the team. I think Bryan Murray will keep him in spite of some guys saying he’s not worth it. Look for somewhere around $1-1.5 million to be a base for contract talks.

Peter Regin (RFA)- He’s likely to be locked up in the next week or so according to a source. The two are looking at somewhere of $1 million/year. There won’t be much discussion on this guy, that’s a fact.

Jesse Winchester (RFA)- Another guy that’s a so-so. I personally don’t see the role Winchester plays on this team, and it’s likely Zack Smith would take his spot for a much cheaper price. I think he’s gone.

Chris Campoli (RFA)- Bryan Murray has to make a decision between Campoli or Picard, and I’m, told he will likely learn towards Chris Campoli, because of course Bryan Murray wasted a 1st round pick for the guy, and he would rather chop of his balls than admit to his mistake. Campoli’s got a lot of potential going for him, a fluid puck mover and a strong shot. I think you’re looking at around $1.5-2 million dollars in play.

Alexandre Picard (RFA)- I’m positively sure this guy will be gone by at least July 1st. He’s a clone of Campoli, but as mentioned before, Murray gave up a 1st rounder for Camps, while Picard was part of the package deal for Andrej Meszaros. Plus, coaching seems to lean more towards Campoli than Picard.

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  • GelatinousMutantCoconut

    I really like Winchesters game. He’s energectic, physical and culd still develop a bit of an energetic game. He’s been more consistent than Shannon, and what he lacks in speed, he makes up for in size and physicality.

    These are my priorities in this order:

    Volchenkov (4.000. 3.750 on a hometown discount if we’re blessed), Regin (1.250), Foligno (1.500), Winchester (.900), Shannon (.750)

    Campoli will probably also be resigned

  • GelatinousMutantCoconut

    I meant could develop a bit of an offensive game.

  • Sam

    I think that winchester stays if they can move out a winger (heres looking at you cheechoo) as it would only be 1 mil against the cap for the next 2 years if he is bought out this summer. 1mil buyou + .75 for winnie saves us Regin and Foligno’s increases.