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Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend, but my computer was on the down. I’ve done some repairs and it’s back on it’s feet. Hoperfully it does so more than one week.

I went across the bridge to see the game against the Burning Wild on Saturday, and let me say, it was a blast. Everyone put a full effort in the game and took advantage of the Wild woes. For example, Milan Michalek’s goal went through Niklas Backstrom’s new pads and in the net, giving Ottawa that early two-goal lead. On Erik Karlsson’s first career goal, the Wild players were so gazed they could not find the puck, where Special K just ripped it past Backstrom, ending the game effectively there. Mike Brodeur played great as well. The one thing that amazed me was his work ethic, and how he got to almost every puck that was sent towards him. Even though his rebounds were Gerber-esque, he still got the job done for his 1st career win.

I was in the middle bowl at Scotiabank Place, behind the right net. Let me tell you, when Karlsson scored, everybody was jumping up and yelling like the Sens won the Holy Grail. It was special to see him score and you could just fell it that everyone wanted to give Erik his first. Luckily, it was Alex Kovalev who got the chance to do so.

Tonight, Ottawa hosts Les Boston Bruins and actually try to NOT give up a lead late and lose 4-3 in the shootout. The B’s recently got shutout by Jonas Gustavsson and the Maple Leafs, so they’ll be looking for some payback. If Ottawa can play like they did on Saturday, they can win. Boston still has some dangerous playmakers and Tim Thomas is expected to start in net for Boston. That never sounds good.

On to some even better news! The Ottawa Sun and TSN are confirming that Mike Fisher is engaged to pop/country/idol singer Carrie Underwood. To this I say hooray! Ever since Fisher and Underwood started dating late last season, Fisher’s numbers have spiked up and he is becoming that guy we always wished for. Congratulations to the two and looking forward to a long and lovely relationship.


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