BREAKING NEWS: Ottawa talking to Chicago

SenShot has learned that General Manager Bryan Murray has held talks with Chicago Blackhawks General Manager Stan Bowman. It is unknown if the talks mean something but it may be linked to something big. The blackhawks are set to re-sign Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, and Duncan Keith to long-term contracts. This mean they have to move some bodies out if they can get under the slaary cap for next year. Rumors are saying it may be Brent Seabrook or Cam Barker. Soem are even suggestign Patrick Sharp could be on the market. I would believe Cam Barker is on Murray’s interest list because he’s the goal-scoring defenseman Ottawa desperately needs.

The return is muddy, but you would think Zee Dictator Murray would likely want to give up Alexandre Picard or Chris Campoli. Barker’s salary is approximately 3.1 mil. If you package Picard (800 K) and maybe Ryan Shannon (700 K) with some sort of draft pick, I think you’ve got a deal.

Remember, the details are sketchy, but this is what’s happening now. Let’s hope this turns out into something.

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  • Alex

    I would like to see Murray get one of Seabrook or Barker I would like to see get Andrew Ladd along with Brent Seabrook or Cam Barker.

  • GelatinousMutantCoconut

    Is that enough to get it done though?

    Picard is a solid 3rd pairing guy, with potential to be all-around but makes critical mistakes in the defensive zone.

    Campoli is also a bottom pairing guy, but with the potential to quarterback the powerplay. But that potential is fading.

    Both are cheap, but neither really benefits to Chicago. Yes, they’re cheap, but it’s possible that there are other more effective cheap defenseman that Chicago could use more.

    Ryan Shannon played amazingly last year, and looked like he could be a top-6 forward. His role was reduced this year, and his game hasn’t been the same. It’s possible that given a larger role he could again flourish. However, I don’t see his trade value being too high.

    As much as I would love to have Sharp, our biggest need is at defense, so I hope that Barker is the target.

  • Jeff Bartl

    Do you have a source to back this up?

  • LT

    The only thing you can bet on is this. Seabrook is NOT going to be traded…..period

  • franse

    In your dreams

  • CairraiTearlach

    This doesn’t make sense – the Black Hawks can’t take back salary as they will be at the cap – Ottawa has no real cap space and have to give back players – the Hawks have to deal with someone who can absorb salary and give back draft choices – like Kessel for 2 first round draft picks (which was way too steep a price by the way)

  • Alfie

    talking out your ass is funny, im sure senshot has the exclusive lol

    get a source

  • Mackie

    Seabrook is NOT being traded. Barker yes I can understand, and maybe Campbell if Ottawa is willing to take on his salary. Seabrook, however, is not going anywhere.

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