Now You Start To Shit? Throw in Some Rumors Too!

I have to say that some Sens fans are starting to really get on my nerves. After last night’s game, a couple of friends down in Gatineau came over and quickly started blaming four guys. Alex Kovalev, Pascal Leclaire, Jonathan Cheechoo, and Jason Spezza. That’s as old as the computer itself. I have to say what did Kovalev do wrong last night? He made some really nice sweet passes to both Jonathan Cheechoo and Mike Fisher, one went off the crossbar and one was a goal. If you’re just going to sit there and keep complaining about Kovalev, then you’re an asstard. Yup, I went there. Give him a break. Same with Leclaire. He made great saves in the 2nd, however he did allow one bad goal from enforcer Blair Betts. But I’m going to throw one thing at you guys. All the best goalies have great defenses. Luongo does, Brodeur certainly does, Fleury does, Fuhr did, Roy did, what else do you want? The fact of the matter is that the defense failed Pascal Leclaire and the whole team last night, and if guys like Alexandre Picard and Chris Campoli keep performing that way, they’re going to start playing theirselves out of the lineup.

I did see one bright spot from last night. Brian Lee looked great, forechecking hard, getting the puck across the ice, and even standing up for his partner Chris Campoli a few times. Maybe he is finally coming into himself. Shean Donovan should be in the lineup tomorrow, and I would even play Leclaire if I was coach.

There is some rumors out there in the hockey world, some mentioning the Senators. I for one keep hearing rumors of Murray looking to finally get that No.1 defenseman he cherishes. It looks like his desperation move for Campoli last year isn’t panning out, so he may take time to see this through. I mentioned a few weeks ago at the troubles Chicago is having, and that stealing one of their offensive d-man could be worthy. I hope it’s not Brian Campbell, though, and even though Icky Ekky is saying Brent Seabrook, that’s not going to happen either. Seabrook is the Hawks’ No.1 defenseman and they will make sure they keep him. I however think Cam Barker may be the target. He’s cheap and effective, and recorded 51 points last season in the second pairing role. From what I have heard he also plays a good, sound defensive game. In a return you would probably be looking at one of Picard/Campoli, maybe Winchester or Shannon, and San Jose’s 2nd rounder. I alo think Joni Pitkanen may be target, but he may be risky and really went down the toilet in Edmonton before enjoying a great season in Carolina last year.

I have received e-mails about Ottawa and Peter Forsberg. I can say that Bryan Murray will absolutely be interested in the Swede to bolster his forward corps and Foppa himself may get a call from Daniel Alfredsson but I think Forsberg will likely go back to Colorado where he enjoyed his best years. We will see.

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  • GelatinousMutantCoconut

    I agree with you to a point. Sens fans are panicking, but the team is still in decent shape. They have a .500 record.

    There IS a lot of question marks on this team. And yes, Leclaire is one of them. There is no doubt that he needs to be better. Bad defense does not excuse some of the goals that have slipped by him. I think he may be being overplayed. He’s started 14 out of 16 games. After playing only 12 games last year and coming off an injury. Elliot is solid enough that he can start 1 out of 4 games. Leclaire hasn’t been overwhelmingly good enough, and the opposition hasn’t been tough enough to justify this.

    Kovalev has been brutal. My expectations were low, but not this low. I’ve heard a very apt nickname for him: The Tin Man (because he has not heart). Other than the great forecheck that resulted in Cheechoo’s first goal, he has absolutely just floated. He obviously doesn’t want to be in Ottawa. He just doesn;t care about the crest on his jersey. Coach Clouston needs to give him a wake-up call.

    I still believe this team has the talent to challenge for a 5th-8th play-off spot. But they DESPERATELY need that top 4 all-around defenseman. Barker would be great, but why would Chicago need to move him this season? They want to make a run, and unless he brings back a player that can help move them over the top, I don’t see him being traded until the draft. I would love to Z. Michalek join his brother. He’s cheap, he can move the puck, and he can block shots. How about Kuba-Phillips, Michalek-Volchenkov Lee-Carkner. If no trade could be made, I’d give Lee the nod right now ahead of Campoli and Picard for the 4th defense spot. He just has the best all-around upside.

    But really, Senators can console themselves with the fact that the future is bright with Karlsson, Cowen, Wercioch and Lehner on the horizon. We may have to suffer from some bad games, but in the end, the Sens will rise again!

  • owa

    If Seabrook were on the table. I’d offer Volchenkov.

  • Alex

    I like to see Murray get Joni Pitkanen I would like to see Murray get Joni Pitkanen and Erik Cole. I would like to see a package deal.

    If it is true that Murray is eyeing Cam Barker I would like to see Murray get Barker and Andrew Ladd in package deal.