That’s What Happens

That’s what happens when your top centre, top defenseman, and top goalie are out of the game—you lose. In this case the Sens lost mightily to the Bolts. After an inspiring win in Sunrise Ottawa was found napping all night long and Tampa took advantage of that. There are still things Clouston needs to work on, but it simply is not the time to panic. When reading some of the blogs out there, I can’t believe so many fans are becoming pessimists now. A lucky loss to Nashville, and blown MINUTE to the Bruins, and a loss to Tampa where as stated above, out top players were out. This team is still on track to make September a winning month and I know October will be the same.

Just to throw something out there, I never want to criticize CC, but why Campoli-Phillips. Campoli was caughtt all night on the first pairing and on the second PK, something he wasn’t acquired for. Phillips suffered from this and boom bam the night goes awful. Phillips showed sparks with Lee last year and Ottawa should try that out…By the way, who’s with me that the Sens should have one WHOLE practice on the shootout. They need to get better at it, the players need to learn how to shift the goalie from one side to the other, something NO ONE on our team can do…And finally, can people stop shitting on Alexandre Picard? He had one atrocious game against Nashville and now all of sudden he’s on the same level with the Taliban. Give him a rest guys. Fopr the money he makes and the expectations laid out on him he’s doing well so far.

So, on to Atlanta for a matinee on CBC. I fully expect a win, especially since Kovalchuk is out with an injury. Spezza is doubtful while Leclaire will likely start. Cross your fingers.

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  • Sacul

    What an excellent take on the situation with the Sens. Picard is doing well for what he makes and what he can do. Clouston is just trying whatever he can now with the D. It’s tough when you have to fill 6 spots and 4 of the players should be in the bottom pairing with carefully managed minutes. I hope he just keeps up the juggling act and Lee bounces back from a very brutal game. Lee was just jittery and trying to make all kinds of plays that are above his head. He hasn’t looked good in Bingo either, from what the reports say. I hope he can get his head on straight….he’s capable of holding his own.
    I’m all for the shoot out practicing. I think the Sens really need a guy that’s a specialist, not one of the regular top scorers. Ruutu has filled that role before, maybe he should be in the Top 3 on a regular basis. A lot of teams have a defenseman that they pull out of the hat too, because the goalies don’t know much about them. Maybe Campoli or Picard have some moves they could showcase.
    I wish we knew who the refs would be ahead of the game. It makes as much difference for the Sens as the injury list. There are too many biased zebras that make the game about them instead of the players.

    Also, did you get your months mixed up in the post? September is pre-season and October is over now. Did you mean to say October and November?