An omen for Brian Lee?

This picture totally describes his hockey far

Brian Lee was expected to be the 5th defenseman for the Sens this year. He had tons of momentum going his way after a solid season and the retirement of geezer Jason Smith. However, just like in a Hollywood movie, be careful what you wish for. Lee was upended by Erik Karlsson and Matt Carkner and because of his contractual status, he was sent down to Binghamton-again. The 2005 9th pick overall has never got his real groove going, but after watching the highlights of some B-Sens games this year, I think it will be a short time until he’s called up again.

Both Alexandre Picard and Chris Campoli haven’t lived up to expectations so far in this young season. Picard has played well except for the Nashville game while Camps is having trouble staying alert on the ice. Both have one-way contracts, so unless Murray can sneak one through waivers, they likely will be staying with the big club. With Winchester’s recent demotion, we have 22 players on the active roster, and the max is 23. Bryan Murray would like to see his young D-man, Lee getting some games before he decides his future. If BM is going to make a splash for a No.1 Defenseman, Lee would likely have to be part of the deal. I don’t want to see him go, and I’d love to see him lined up with Matt Carkner (drools) but he’s goign to have to wow Sens management this year, or it’s bye-bye for him.

Our next two games are in the Sunshine State against two teams who haven’t faired so well this season. Florida owned us last year but they’re 2nd last in the East, while Tampa’s 11th. We beat the Bolts 7-1 earlier on the season but I would expect Tampa to come out with some vengeance. For me, we need to get at least 3 out of 4 points in this short road trip. 2 straight losses should get to the mind of the players and with the imminent return of Filip Kuba, we can easily sweep. After another date with Hotlanta, Thrashland or whatever you call them we host Tampa yet again. Those are easy wins and I believe that if we win at least 3 of those 4 games (we should be able to win all 4), then the Sens are for real.

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  • owa

    I don’t understand how you can say this:

    “Both Alexandre Picard and Chris Campoli haven’t lived up to expectations so far in this young season. Picard has played well except for the Nashville game while Camps is having trouble staying alert on the ice.”

    I agree that Picard did not have a great game against Nashville, but he has played well in every other game thus far and has shown great chemistry with Carkner. It just seems horribly one-sided and ignorant to suggest he hasn’t “lived up to expectations” and then say he has played well except for one game.

    I do feel the same way as you about Campoli, but you’re ignoring the fact that he has been paired with Karlsson; Ottawa’s worst defenseman so far this season. He has a ton of potential for sure, and I’m okay with having him stick around to learn, but it’s sort of shortsighted to blame Campoli before blaming Karlsson.

    I can’t wait until Kuba comes back and the team can sit Campoli. Karlsson will learn a lot more paired with Kuba.

  • T-Money

    You say the Sens need a number 1 d-man. You say that Picard and Campoli have been bad this year. Kuba is our number 1 d-man. Campoli is playing out of position. And Picard has played well for a 5th d-man. When Kuba returns, people will see we have a strong defense and and that our vets will teach and protect our young d-man.

    Trading Lee for a number one d-man, sorry, just not going to happen. If he played good enough to be on the team, he would. It didn’t matter what his contract status is, just look at Karlsson who is on a two way and he took over Picards spot at the beginning of the year.

    And plus, our contract structure makes it hard to afford a #1 d-man that will most likely be paid 5 million plus.

    Here’s a question for people:

    I think the Sens need more scoring and should try and trade for it. There are two guys I would like the Sens to go after.

    Nathan Horton and Kris Versteeg

    What do you guys think?

  • Sacul

    My take? The last thing in the world BM is shopping for is another forward. He has 15 NHL quality forwards and some teams (like the Laffs) don’t even have half as many. Cheechoo will never turn into a consistent scorer again, post-surgery it’s just too much to ask. Just give him a spot on the 3rd line and ask him to be responsible until he can be bought out over the summer. The book on Kovalev was that he was like a great MLB starting pitcher. Dazzles you one night, then disappears for 4 games. Well, we haven’t see the dazzle game yet, I sure hope he’s saving them up. No-one has figured him out yet and no-one is about to.

    The Sens don’t need a #1 D-Man…it’s like saying “We need an Ovechkin” or “Let’s trade for Lidstrom.” Elite guys are rare. For D-Men, we had one, and Muckler let him go for nothing. Trying to get another guy like that, while also fitting him into the salary cap, well….dare to dream.
    The Sens need a “middle pairing” (3-4) defenceman. Even if crooked crotched Kuba comes back and plays most of the year, it’s obvious he’s the only one worthy of being in the top 4 with Philchenkov. Kubie plays kinda soft, but he’s steady and put up a ton of points in a crappy year for the Sens…and he is great on the PP point.
    Affordable top 4 D-Men aren’t readily available. What sane GM would give one up at this point? The hope has to be that as we approach the deadline, some team (likely in the west) is motivated to move someone that is a pending UFA or is desperate for a fresh start.
    I think Murray knows too that no team is going to be interested in 3 or 4 “bottom of the roster” guys in return, either. It’s going to be somebody good, a prospect, some picks….something like that.
    In the mean time, it’s the D-Man shuffle!

    Go Sens Go! (And try not to piss away 3 points to division rivals too often, eh?)