Sticky Situations call for Sticky Measures

Listening to the TEAM’s interview with Jesse Winchester today, it seems like Winnie will be ready for Thursday’s game, but the real question is, are the Sens ready for him? The top three lines are pretty much set with Regin centering Foligno and Neil on the third line. So that fourth line will be the tough one for Cloo Cloo.

I’m sure Jarkko Ruutu will stay on LW. That leaves C and RW for Kelly, Donovan, Shannon, and Winchester. I would say Donovan gets the RW position because of his born ability to lead and grind, something not many Sens players have. So the Centre position with up for grabs between Kelly, Shannon, and Winchester. Right now, I like speed and that is Ryan Shannon.

There will be a 13th forward on this team, but not 14. Murray has to move one of Kelly and Winchester to make room. I like Chris and hope he isn’t the one who leaves, but I think he might be the one.

Matt Carkner got a contract extension today and it’s pretty much a reward for his outstanding play so far. He’s staying and staying long here. Now Bryan has to shift his focus towards Volchenkov. He needs to be re-signed for his physical and warrior-like play. I think a longer term would satisfy Anton to stay here, but Murray has to be careful with his money, because Foligno is another guy they have to retain.

Ilya Zubov officially left the Sens for the KHL. It’s sad to see him go, because he was my favorite prospect. Good luck to him, though.

I’ll guess Leclaire will start on Thursday while Ells gets the call on Saturday against the Bruins.

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  • T-Money

    I would leave Kelly in for the time being. He is playing well and we need to showcase him if we wish to trade him for anything of value. Winchester makes a quarter of what Kelly makes and is more physical. Plus, with Bass and Z.Smith able to play a 4th line role, Kelly is expendable. Plus, with all the RFA coming up, Kelly’s contract has to be moved to make room.

  • Sacul

    My take: I don’t think Kelly is going anywhere. Veterans like him just don’t grow on trees. Remember who signed him to the current contract. He’s been playing lots of minutes (4th line, PK Time, Late Game Lead Protection) lately. He turned down more money (but less term) when he was a UFA. I can’t see Murray being pushed into giving someone away. I say guys like Donovan (poor guy just can’t get respect), Shannon and Winchester will take turns in the press box. Maybe small injuries will get dragged out (like has been done with Regin and Winnie) until a real opening pops up through consistently poor play or serious injury. I think Winnie is probably the most vulnerable of the forwards, and the least likely to get picked up if waived. If push comes to shove, he might be the one to pay the price. I really think BM isn’t going to be pushed, though. There is no rush…there are always “options” (and not the kind Whinypants talked about!) The only need on the NHL roster right now is a top end D-Man, and I can’t see any team parting with one. After that, no one is ditching any superstars at any position and the Sens can’t afford them anyways. I think it would take a heck of an offer of picks and 2-way contract guys to entice Murray this early in the season.