Taking Advantage of Chicago

Chicago will have success this season, that’s guaranteed. But this off-season will be on of cap-crunching for rookie GM Stan Bowman. He’ll have help from his daddy, but I think the Hawks will lose some important players. And that’s were Ottawa comes in…

The team is 5-2-0 to start the season, which is great. If they are going to steadily play like they have, they should figure to be in 6th spot for most of the season. The thing that can take them over the top is a trade. A trade for a No.1 defenseman. The team is still lacking one, but they can certainly get one. They have all the pieces to pull of a big trade, and I think Chicago may be a trading partner to deal with.

Looking at the stats, the Hawks have $385,000 in cap space. They have 3 UFA’s and 8 RFA’s in the 2010/11 off-season. If they let Madden, Ebbett, and Burish walk, that still won’t be enough. Now Ottawa can help them by getting one of their premier, yet expensive defenseman. Trade for Campbell or Barker IMO. Those two cost some money and moving one out will allow Chicago to at least sign it’s two young supertars, Kane and Toews. Here’s some trades I would suggest.

To Ottawa: Brian Campbell
To Chicago: Filip Kuba, Chris Kelly, Brian Lee


To Ottawa: Cam Barker
To Chicago: Alexandre Picard, Brian Lee, SJ 2nd round pick

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  • GelatinousMutantCoconut


    It is NOT worth taking on Campbells salary.

    I was actually really thrilled when Heatley asked for a trade…because I knew it was a blessing in disguise. I knew right away when Murray re-signed Spezza and Heatley to 7+ million each, that having that much cap space eaten up by too few players was a bad thing.

    Acquiring Campbell puts the team in the same pickle. In today’s cap world a 7+ salary is only cost-effective for a franchise, go to guy. Campbell is NOT a franchise defenseman.

    I’d rather have two Filip Kuba’s at 3.750 than one Brian Campbell at 7.000.

    I like the Barker trade though.

  • Sens4Life

    in my opinion, you undervalue our players too much and overvalue other players on other teams in all your trade suggestions. there’s a reason why most irrational people arent gms

  • PD

    I would consider trading Lee in a package for Barker, but going after Campbell makes no sense. I don’t think there’s a GM in the league that will touch that contract. As I read recently somewhere, the only way there is a market for Campbell is if he wins the Stanley Cup and the Conn Smythe. And even then I’m sure the ‘Hawks would still be willing to take less than market value in exchange for the salary dump.

  • http://totallyalfie.blogspot.com owa

    Horrible… Horrible trades.

    By “take advantage of Chicago” did you mean “Ottawa gets buttfucked by Chicago”?

    I kid… Sort of, but those are some nasty deals that would piss off a whole slew of Senator fans.

  • T-Money

    I do agree of taking advantage of the Blackhawks cap problem. However, Campbell or Barker are not and will not be franchise d-men. And Ottawa’s problem is not on their defense, they need more scoring. I say go after a guy like Kris Versteeg. He’s young, fast, and can score a bunch of goals. And his 3mil/3yrs contract isn’t too bad. He could play on our 3rd line with foligno and regin. I know he is a little small, but he has already proven he could put up 20+ goals.


    Kris Versteeg


    Chris Kelly
    Mattias Karlasson
    SJ 2nd

  • Monteith16

    The Campbell trade is horrendous and awful. Campbell isn’t a No.1 Defenseman, he’s a 2-3. A number 1 plays powerplay (which he does, and does well), penalty kill (which he doesn’t even play, and when he does, struggles in downlow coverage), and even-strength (never against top lines). He’s great with the puck, but struggles defensively without it.

    The Barker trade is more realistic, but that’s still far too much to give up. Although you’ve given up on Lee, most hockey people see him as a legitimate Top-4 defenseman in the future. Barker is a solid Top 4 D, but not a number 1 because of his inconsistency.

    The Versteeg trade above makes great sense for the Senators, but with Kelly’s cap hit of 2.2 million, and Karlsson’s reluctance to play in the AHL, I don’t see San Jose giving up Versteeg’s points for another shutdown 3/4 centre (refer to John Madden).

  • http://senshot.com Alex

    I agree I think that chicago would be a good trading partner with the Senators.
    I would like to see Murray somehow get Andrew Ladd and Cam Barker.

  • Sacul

    No way the Sens are taking on Campbell’s salary for a role they think they can fill with a cheap rookie (or the less flashy Kuba.) OMG…imagine all the guys they’d have to toss. Now, if BM can steal a guy like Barker, Yipee Ki-Yay, MF!