Know Your Enemy…

As Peter over at Silver Seven suggests, it’s the veterans such as Shean Donovan and/or Christoph Schubert that are fighting for a job on the lineup. Murray was quoted as saying that Peter Regin is ready for the NHL and has made Mike Fisher a scoring machine. That’s good enough for me to suggest Regin’s made the aquad, and the same goes for young stud Erik Karlsson, who had a nice game last night as well. Even though many are concerned about his defensive ability, I think he will do just fine if he keeps his head up.

SheaDo will reamin a Senator until his contract ends this year, as it is looking like. However, he won’t play much and expect him to a healthy scratch for most of the season, and maybe just a guy that Murray can use in the locker room. Chris Schubert is an interesting situation mainly because he’s been on the trading block for at least a year now and it’s starting to piss me off now. He needs to go, and it’s as simple as that. I liked him as a plugger during the 07 Cup Run but there isn’t room for him and his unwillingness to play forward crushes his chance of making the team. He’ll have to be sent to Binghamton, and maybe he’ll decide to go to Europe. YAY!

Chris Kelly will likely be traded. I can say that. Florida has contacted Ottawa about him but no other team is going to take his high-end salary. Kelly would probably attract some mid-round draft picks but that’s probably it.

If we all assume Karlsson has made the team, the battle for the 6th defenceman spot is between Carkner, Lee, and Picard, as Jared Cowen has been sent to the WHL’s Spokane Chiefs. Carkner’s got that nastiness going for him, even though he’s not a good puck mover. Lee’s got nothing going for him, but I suspect Murray might give him a chance. Picard played well in the 6-1 win over Montreal, he’s got a strong shot and good puck-moving abilities. Even though Carkner has that thing the Sens need, I would go in a different direction.

By this Saturday, I would expect Zack Smith, Christoph Schubert, Mike Brodeur, and one of Carkner/Lee/Picard to head to Binghamton. By the end of the month, the other one of C/L/P will head down. That’s how it’s working out for me.

Oh, glorious saint, here is now the final lineup I predict will be the one for October the 2nd in New York…

Michalek – Spezza – Alfredsson
Cheechoo – Shannon – Kovalev
Foligno – Regin – Fisher
Ruutu – Kelly – Neil
(Healthy Scratch: Donovan, Injured: Winchester)

Kuba – Karlsson
Phillips – Volchenkov
Picard – Campoli


Unfortunately, I would have to put Phillips and Volchenkov together because IMO they need to get seperated. However, 4 very good puck-moving defenseman and 2 very good defensive defenseman have spelt success in the past, and spell success now.

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  • http://CANUCNIK Canucnik

    Christoph Schubert could kick your ass on skates and as a Gentleman. He does not need your condescention!! You, sir, are the plugger. Let the man walk with dignity!

  • joey

    I’m pretty sure Picard was not playing when the sens beat the habs 6-1

  • Sam

    I agree that they will keep Picard over Lee – not only can they tell Lee at contract time that he was not THAT good (resulting in a lower cap hit for the next few years)

    but also lee doesn’t have to pass through waivers where the other two do.

  • GelatinousMutantCoconut

    Schubert is a plugger….but a good one.

    It’s time for him to move on, but why run him out of town? He deserves better. Especially since he’s said he’s open to playing forward more now, he just wants to be part of a/the team.

    I’d like to keep all of Lee, Picard and Campoli.
    Picard and Campoli are the “prizes” from the Meszaros trade…Kuba is a solid top 4 d-man, but at 32 he’s not a big part of the future. All three of them are still young, and deserve a shot.

    If Picard and Campoli really out-play Lee, then yes, he should be sent down. But if not I think he’s earned a slot on the third pairing. He was very solid last year.

    Due to the all-around games of Lee and Picard, I would put Campoli as the 7th man, as he’s one-dimensional, and Karlsson has passed him on the depth chart. If Karlsson falters, if his game doesn’t yet translate to regular season play, or he can’t handle the physical aspects, then Campoli can step in.

    Again, I want to re-iterate, it’s too soon to give up on any of these young defenseman. But of the three of them, I give Lee the most lee-way.

    No, he’s not a number one defenseman. No, he’s not the next Wade Redden. No, he’s not Marc Staal. But he was a top then pick, is only2 twenty-two years old and has only two professional seasons under his belt, and only one part-season in the NHL. The jump from the NCAA is bigger than from the OHL. Give him time. He still has top four potential.