Capitano Speaks + Weller for Bailey

Daniel Alfredsson spoke to the media today adressing the new season ahead for the young and feisty Ottawa Senators club. Of course, the only way journalists go to Senators media events is if they can ask about Dany Heatley. They did just that. Alfredsson replied pretty sternly and gave us a few quotes. When asked about Dany Heatley and trianing camp, he replied by saying “He’s coming to camp even if his trade request isn’t met”. Alfredsson also said that “We aren’t going to let the Heatley saga be a distraction for our club”. Daniel also “I expects Heatley to speak with the team”. I love this about Alfredsson. He may look quiet but he’s one of the best leaders this generation has known.

Essentially, what Alfie said today needs to be followed by the team. No player can backtalk to Heatley and make it public to the media or the saga will continue to grow. Ottawa needs to play it’s cards right and try to make Heatley happy again, and mostly, make the fans happy again.

A minor trade today. The Sens traded Shawn Weller for Jason Bailey, not Joshua. It’s essentially a swap of mire-leaguers, but I bet the Sens wanted to clear some players out of Binghamton to make room.

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