Why Can't We Be Friends (Heatley Speaks)

 Quick Thoughts:

  • It was very structured and was basically rehearsed and didn’t give anyone much insight than what we had already assumed.
  •  Honestly at this point who cares who leaked the story.  The media makes more about this then anyone and it’s getting to a point where I don’t care.  Let’s just move on already and really it would have come out at some point by now anyways.  It’s like a pair of second graders telling the teacher he started it!
  • Of course the guy is going to say he’s not worried about his reputation & he loves the fans.  I have never heard a person say yeah my reputation will take a hit but I don’t care I’m a jerk but I score alotta goals so somebody is going to pay me and by the way the Fans can kiss my a$$.
  • Heatley wanted more options than Edmonton and it had nothing to do with them personally.  But thus far Murray hasn’t had any other options that were fair value and you said no to Edmonton so they will take it personally, any market would.  The Oilers have been rejected by Pronger, Nylander and Hossa the last couple of off-seasons. 
  • Heatley will report to camp; it has become more and more likely that Heatley begin training camp with the Ottawa so the big question is how will he fit in.  For that answer we have to look at the reason why he wants to leave Ottawa.

Heatley wants to contribute in ALL aspects of the game and it wasn’t because of Clouston

  •  This is the biggest points and the only thing we can really go on.
  • These comments contradict each other because Clouston is the main person who is responsible for Heatley’s role and ice time.
  • Right now, he is a one trick pony PP specialist and goal scoring machine.  Which isn’t a bad thing, every team needs a goal scorer.
  • But he wants a bigger role.  If Heatley wants more responsibility but doesn’t want to work for it that’s going to be a problem.  Especially for a coach like Cory Clouston.  
  • Let’s take Heatley at his word he wants a bigger role is there a way to make this work?
    • Based on his ice time the biggest drop in ice time is his SH ice time from 06/07 (0.45) dropped by more than half (0.22) in 08/09.  What if Ottawa put him on the 3rd PK pairing for this up coming season would that work.  Let’s say the Sens went with Fisher, Alfredsson as the first pairing Kelly, Shannon and Winchester and Heatley as the third pairing it would give him a significant role with the PK team.
    • Being taken off the first PP line.  If this is a huge area of concern for Heatley the answer is pretty simple put him back on the top line.  A power play of Spezza, Alfredsson, Heatley, Kovalev and Kuba or Karlsson seems pretty loaded to me.
    • If he is serious about being better in ALL aspects of the game then I would take him off the line with Spezza
  • When Heatley is on his own without Spezza I feel he is the best player on the ice because he works hard for his points.  He played a more complete game in Atlanta without a true number one center and still had strong point totals.  If Heatley and Alfredsson play on a  line then it would give Ottawa two legit scoring lines with Kovalev and Spezza on the other.
  • I’m not saying this will be a match made in heaven.  That as soon as Heatley puts on the Senators jersey that all will be forgotten; but the closer we get to training camp it looks like Heatley will be playing for Ottawa.  And perhaps there is a way that Heatley and Ottawa can still be friends.

Heatley Disclaimer. 

I do not condone Heatley’s actions.  I think Heatley is a spoiled brat that should be thankful that Ottawa took a chance on him after he bullied his way out of Atlanta.  I think that Heatley is more self absorbed with his personal numbers than the overall performance of the team.  I think Heatley should take more responsibility in his own actions for his reduced playing time rather than blame the Senators.  I think that Ottawa would be better off if Heatley was traded, but they need fair value for Dany Heatley.

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