Brian Elliott FINALLY re-signed with Sens

According to TSN, the Sens have finally re-signed Brian Elliott after months of speculation. It’s two-year deal but the money hasn’t been released. I was told it was going to be 3 years for 1mil/year so a bit of a surprise.

Expect a move in a couple of days to straighten out the cap situation before a Heatley decision is made. I’ll say Chris Kelly is gone.

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  • KJ

    Money is 1.7 over 2 years. Looks like your source was wrong.

    Sportsnet has posted the financial terms.


  • J$

    FYI, it’s a two-year deal worth $1.7 million. This is a steal in my opinion. Almost had 20 wins last season in the limited amount of games that he played. A very capable back-up at a very affordable price.

    With Eaves going to Detroit, are we now stuck with Kelly?

  • J$$$

    It doesn’t matter we will place Kelly in the AHL.