Three-Ways: Presented by Dany Heatley

TSN and the Ottawa Sun broke out yesterday that the Sens have a deal in place with the Sharks but need a third team to come in. Reports say the third team is the Montreal Canadiens but I’ve heard differently. Everything is all around the place but at least we can comfort in the fact that Dany Heatley may, in the end, be traded. But why a three-way? If you include a third team, everything gets mixed up. Some GM’s (cough Muckler cough) don’t have the audacity to keep track of things. But if that is what it will take to get us rid of Heatley, well then, it has to be done.

Everyone’s saying the Canadiens are third third team. According to a close source of mine, the third team could also be the Dallas Stars, who are looking at acquiring Jonathan Cheechoo. I was told the possible trade could be this…

To SJ: Dany Heatley, Cody Bass, Tobias Stephan, DAL 2nd round pick in 2010
To DAL: Jonathan Cheechoo
To OTT: Ryan Clowe, Marc-Edouard Vlasic, Jamie McGinn

I like that three-way better than the rejected offer of Cheechoo, Erhoff, and McGinn. But the interesting problem is, will Bryan Murray like it?

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  • Jason Williams

    Thanks for the welcome! And yes, there will be plenty of angst toward Wade Redden this season unless we can 1) dupe somebody into trading for him or 2) teach him how to quarterback our floundering power play.

  • Alex

    I like that three way deal the Senators get very good dman and top six forward with tons of grit and prospect who brings grit also this trade would really help out the Senators for the long run and the futer.

  • J$

    This trade is brutal. Clowe has a history of being injured. He only played 15 games in 2007-08 and his stats are inflated ala Thornton. McGinn is only liked because he played for the 67s. He had one 60+ point season in the OHL. I do like Vlasic coming back but that only adds to the logjam we have on defence.

    I would love for the third team involved to be Boston.

    To Ottawa: Kessell, Michalek
    To Boston: San Jose 1st, McGinn, Picard
    To San Jose: Heatley, Bass

    Everyone wins here. This relieves Boston’s cap issues while giving them some depth at D and the potential for two solid prospects. Ottawa finally addresses their secondary scoring. Imagine a Michalek-Spezza-Alfie and a Zubov-Kessell-Kovalev line. Gets the Sens under the cap too. San Jose gets cap relief from trading Michalek and obviously get Heatley. This would be contingent on someone picking up Cheechoo first.

  • DJ

    This deal is bogus unless thw writer or source is mistaken. Tobias Stephen has signed in Sweden…

  • Lou Galiffanakos