Don't Cry For Me, San Jos-Ina

Martin Havlat and Wade Redden will continue to haunt my soul forever. Whether it’s from a distant land, I will never forget ther injustice they did to us. Havlat was a premier scoring threat, but he was freaking injured every 5 games. Wade Redden, a Senator killer for all of his life, never had very good seasons in Ottawa, even though his smooth puck handling skills are missed in the Sens lineup. However, what he did in the winter of 2006 has to be considered vile, cruel, and grievance towards the city of Ottawa and it’s fans.

Many fans will remember after the 05-06 season that Havlat was traded. But did you know he was close to being traded to the Sharks? Yes, he was. According to “Malkin to the Kings”, Muckler had a deal in place to send Havlat to the Sharks for goaltender Vesa Toskala. Are you fucking kidding me? That would be a way better deal then the one we made. We’d finally have our No. 1 goalie and I bet Ray Emery would still be in Ottawa but as a backup. Instead, we traded Havlat in a three-way for Tom Preissing, Joshua Hennessey, Michal Barinka, and CHI 2008 2nd round pick (Patrick Wiercioch).

And wait, there’s more. Mucks had a deal in place during the 06-07 season to send Wade Redden to the sharks for Patrick Marleau. Imagine, we could have had Marleau and our secondary scoring issue would have been solved. Instead, Redden refused to waive his NTC.

I am seriously crying now. We would have been a better team with those trades. It just shows that NTC’s seriously need to be outlawed in the NHL. They can hurt a team’s flexibility and cap situation.

In other news, FanSided got two NHL blogs over the weekend, one for the Penguins and one for the Blackhawks. I can’t wait until we have 30 blogs for the 30 teams. Let’s make it happen!

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  • Howard Feltersnatch


  • Annon

    Havlat haunts me for his failure to backcheck on Friesen’s late goal in game 7 that sent the Devils to their Cup victory over the Ducks. There’s no excuse for Marty. He could easily have broken up that play.

  • no name

    I’m 100% sure the deal we got was better…
    Toskala is a mediocre starter at best

    Preissing helped us reach the cup in 07 and Wiercioch is still a promising prospect for us

  • DJ

    The reason the Havlat to SJ for Toskala didn’t happen, was Muckler had a deal in place but at the last moment asked for a draft pick as well. THe Sharks balked at the deal and the rest is history.

    Muckler screwed this team quite a bit during his tenure…

  • pg

    Yeah, NTCs suck bag. Nothing like giving a player incentive NOT to work, especially when there’s no home-town discount involved, like in heachoo and redden’s cases. Ridiculously long contracts should also go the way of the dodo, as they will soon enough, shortly after a couple more mega-busts like yashin.